Use This Tool Yourself OR Sell It To Others For Recurring Fee

With Your Commercial Agency License You Can Sell This To Marketers, Consultants, Realtors, Coaches, Podcasters, Car Dealerships, Sales Agents etc. & Make Loads Of Cash!

It's NOT 100% Affiliate Comm. Where The Seller Steals Your Buyer's Email...

Receive Voice Messages From Your

Audience Directly On Your Website

Make it super easy for your website visitors to contact you, leave feedback or testimonial.

Voice Mail SaaS Works On Any Website

WordPress, InstaPage, ClickFunnel, Converti, HTML, PHP, Magento & Everything Else.

Few Use Cases For Voice Mail SaaS

Website Owners

Website owners can put this on their contact or about us page to get feedback or testimonials.   They can also collect leads with this.   Do you know a website owner? .... They can use this.

Charge  $49 +  $25 pm for Unlimited Voicemails  or Straight up $99 one time fee.

Podcasters & Radio Stations

Podcasters & Radio Stations ask their listeners to leave a voicemail that they can play on their show.   You can offer this PREMIUM tool for their business .

Charge  $99 +  $100 pm for 5,000 Voicemail  or $199 yearly

Consultants / Coaches / Marketers

Consultants/Marketers/ Coaches  want things to be INTERACTIVE during communication & that's what Voice Mail SaaS does.    This is also helpful for sales agents because they can gauge the potential buyer from their voice.

It makes it easy for visitors to leave an interactive voice mail & collect leads.


It's OUR JOB to show you HOW you can sell this.    All you have to do is buy it & watch the webinar replay.   & We will MAKE SURE you make money from it as long as you follow our direction. 

Rob Made Money In 24 Hours

Al's New Fav Way To Make $$$

Robust SaaS Panel :  Control Everything*

* You can Create/Delete Widgets, Change Button Color/Location, Length Of Voice Mail etc.   You cannot force them to ♥ marry ♥ with you though..

Access All Leads Whenever You wish.

All your leads are in your dashboard's INBOX.  You can get more info about your caller there AND also download the call, export CSV & email everyone.

No Other Charges.   You Pay ONCE

Why You Should Buy This?

Not only can you use this yourself , but best part is that it comes with Commercial Agency, so you can sell this to Website Owners, Marketers, Consultants, Realtors, Coaches, Podcasters, Car Dealerships & Sales Folks. Name Them.. They WANT This!

You can charge them a monthly fee or one time fee & cut their account off if they stop paying you the monthly fee.     If you think,  you don't know how to find clients,  We will be holding a training on how to find customers.

Lastly,  This is offered at such a low price that you should not miss out on this.

When we go public with this product on Jvzoo/ClickBank.  There will be 3 OTOs combined priced at no less than $300.  Today, We are INCLUDING EVERYTHING.    You can invest now or fork out $300 later... You decide..

It's NOT 100% Affiliate Comm. Where The Seller Steals Your Buyer's Email
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